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[Surgical techniques used for the treatment of varicose veins: survey of practice in France]

A major cause of this disease is a weakness of the connective tissue with weakening of the vein wall. In most cases, this is innate. Suffering is mainly intensified by obesity, prolonged standing, pregnancy and lack of exercise.

What is the result?

Varicose veins

Left untreated, the disease can be transferred to the deep veins and develop into chirurgie varicose ven final stage, the clinical picture of open sores ulceration. What are the most common varicose vein diseases? Trunk varicose veins In trunk varicose veins, one of the so-called saphenous veins is affected. Anterior saphenous vein: inside of the thigh and leg; rear trunk vein: back of the lower leg. If untreated this can cause painful complications and lesions and eventually venous ulceration.

chirurgie varicose ven

Branch varicose veins This form of varicose veins often occurs in conjunction with trunk varicose veins and optically irritates depending on the extent, functionally depending on propagation. Spider varicose veins These are very small, dilated veins in the skin. These usually have only cosmetic significance, although they may indicate an invisible trunk varicose vein.

What treatment options are there? Open surgical procedures In this surgery, a small incision is made in the groin and the varicose vein is supressed and severed in the region of its junction with the deep vein. With the help of a probe, the diseased portion of the vein is then pulled out stripping.

chirurgie varicose ven

Further small incisions are used to remove the extended side branches. The procedure is performed either as an outpatient or inpatient. This is then sealed in the withdrawal procedure by the heat of ° C occurring at the probe tip.

chirurgie varicose ven

The protein structure of the vein wall is thereby destroyed and the vein shrinks in the treated section. A stable closure clot forms in the centre. This technique is particularly suitable for the saphenous vein of the thigh to below the knee.

chirurgie varicose ven

It is frequently combined with other methods sclerotherapy, miniphlebectomy. In principle, the procedure can be carried out with general anaesthesia, but also under local or regional anaesthesia.

Endovenous radiofrequency therapy does not lie within the scope of the statutory health insurance. Therefore on indication or treatment request, the patient must negotiate with their health insurance on an individual basis or apply for a cost transfer. The procedure is performed outpatient or inpatient. Sclerotherapy obliteration By means of injecting a sclerosing agent into the varicose vein, an artificial phlebitis is provoked chirurgie varicose ven leads to conversion of the enlarged vein into connective tissue.

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This method is preferred for branch and spider veins, for cosmetic reasons. The sclerosing agent can be foamed, whereby the effect is intensified foam sclerotherapy.

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In severe and extensive findings several treatments are required, because the amount of sclerosing drug used must be limited each time. Sclerotherapy falls under individual health services IGeLwhich does not belong to the scope of the statutory health insurance except chirurgie varicose ven medically justified exceptions.

chirurgie varicose ven

The procedure is performed on chirurgie varicose ven outpatient basis. Anaesthesia is not necessary.

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  6. Active[ edit ] Treatment options include surgery, laser and radiofrequency ablationand ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy.
  7. Indication to the treatment is based on different criteria: etiological, clinical and diagnostic.

Stocking compression For all the described treatments of varicose veins, a compression treatment is recommended for weeks with support stockings of a specific compression type. These are prescribed individually and in most cases should be thigh length.

chirurgie varicose ven